Pastoral Team

Rev. Dr. J. Alfred Smith, Jr.

rev smithjr 80Senior Pastor

On December 14, 2008, the Holy Spirit spoke through a vote of our congregation to extend the call to the Reverend Dr. J. Alfred Smith, Jr. to become the Senior Pastor of the Allen Temple Baptist Church. On March 15, 2009 in a very moving service of installation, our Pastor Emeritus the Reverend Dr. J. Alfred Smith Senior officially passed the mantle of pastoral leadership over to his son and mentee, the Reverend Dr. J. Alfred Smith, Jr.

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Rev. Ineda Adesanya

Ineda 2013 80pxMinister of the Spiritual Life Ministry

The Reverend Ineda P. Adesanya, MDiv, DASD is an ordained Baptist minister and spiritual director. Her divine call is to make the world better by using her spiritual gifts to help others live more abundantly and to experience truth, joy and justice by surrendering all to the Spirit. Rev. Adesanya's theology of ministry seeks to assist Christians to lift themselves up through knowledge, encouragement, and spiritual guidance.

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Rev. Olu Bereola

rev bereola 80Minister of Visitation

Rev. Bereola is responsible for coordinating and implementing the visitation ministry and communion services to the Sick and Shut-Ins, Convalescent Homes and Hospitals.  He is also a team member of the Congregation Care Ministry of the church.


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Rev. Anne Bradley

rev bradley 80Pastor of Allen Temple Arms

Reverend Anne Bradley was born in Rock Hill, South Carolina, and spent her formative years at the First Calvary Baptist Church. Rev. Bradley answered her call to the preaching ministry in 1995, and was licensed in 1999. She united with the Allen Temple Baptist Church in 2001 under the leadership of Pastor Emeritus J. Alfred Smith, Sr.. Currently, Rev. Bradley serves as Pastor at Allen Temple Arms, and ministers in other areas, including the Allen Temple Streets Disciples Ministry.

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Rev. Daniel Buford

rev buford 80Director of Prophetic Justice Ministry

Reverend Daniel A. Buford is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio where he was educated in the Cincinnati Public School system and attended the University of Cincinnati and Xavier University.  He has taught Doctor of Ministry students as a faculty member of the University of Creation Spirituality and the Wisdom University since 1997 in courses on wood sculpture and the creative process.

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Sis. Gloria Cox-Crowell

gloria7kChair AIDS Ministry

Gloria Crowell is a Consultant, specializing in Organizational Development with organizations with budgets less than $100,000. Her focus is with Faith Based and HIV/AIDS Organizations.  Gloria has over 20 years of experience working in the field of HIV/AIDS both domestically and globally.  As an advocate for increasing HIV prevention strategies, Gloria has lobbied elected officials locally, nationally and globally to seek collaborative approaches.

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Rev. Dr. Brenda Guess

bguess 80kChancellor/Dean LIAT

Dr. Brenda Guess currently serves as the Chancellor of the Leadership Institute at Allen Temple located in Oakland, California. Born and raised in Oakland, California, she is the fourth of five children born to the late Willie Roy and Deaconess Addie Woods. Known for her creativity, Dr. Guess just loves serving the Lord!

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Rev. Warren Long

rev long 80Administrative Manager

Rev. Warren Long serves as the Administrative Manager. He is a veteran Information Technology professional who is gifted in the areas of administration and organizational management.


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Alvin McLean, Jr., Ph.D.

dr mclean 80Minister of Music

Alvin McLean has a very strong commitment to service to God’s people. Dr. McLean is the Minister of Music and serves as the co-chair of the Worship Arts Media and Technology Cluster. Within the Health and Scoial Services Ministry, he is the training coordinator for the counselors in the Domestic Violence/Anger Management program and administrator of the Bethsaida Counseling Center.

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Rev. Faye Morris

rev morris 80Minister of Spiritual Healing

Rev. Morris serves as the Chaplain to the Bethsaida Counseling Center. This Center is a Holistic Center that is designed to meet the mental and spiritual needs of the East Oaklandcommunity. Rev. Morris is a registered nurse and has a Master of Arts degree.


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Rev. Theophous Reagans

rev regans 80Minister of Global Missions

Rev. Reagans, who is a practicing attorney, joined the Allen Temple Baptist Church Men’s Chorus.  In 2007, he joined Allen Temple Baptist Church.   Since joining the church, Rev. Reagans has served as Chaplain to the Allen Temple Manor; as a member of the Prison Ministry; and as a member of the New Members’ Ministry.

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Rev. Dr. Martha C. Taylor

Martha Taylor 80pxThe Reverend Dr. Martha C. Taylor is a long time member of Allen Temple and serves as the Church Historian. The mission of this ministry is to research, gather and chronicle the history of the church through oral and written narratives to preserve the Church’s heritage and history for future generations. She is also the national historian for the Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc. and serves as a member of the President’s Executive Staff. She is dually ordained American Baptist and Presbyterian.

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Rev. Pamela Wilson

pamela-wilson-200Minister of Fellowship & Assimilation

Reverend Pamela Wilson united with the Allen Temple Baptist Church in 1990.  Through life experience she learned that God can and will make a way out of no way.  As a result of her experiences and guidance of the Holy Spirit, she uniquely shares God's love by serving the under-served, marginalized, disenfranchised, and broken hearted members of society.

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